About Hooley's

Hooley is a Gaelic (Irish) term meaning 'party'. Normally speaking a night of singing, dancing and drinking is nowadays termed a Hooley in Ireland. It was this simple conceptual belief that persuaded the owners of Hooley's to name it as such. At Hooley's we embrace Ireland's rich and celebrated Pub culture - a culture of hearty food and drink, good music, warm hospitality and friendly banter. In the tradition of pubs today and long ago, it's the Irish spirit that makes a great Hooley.

Hooley's was opened in July 2007 in Guangzhou by a small group of Irish, Canadian, Chinese and Hong Kong entrepreneurs.

Our goal is simple: bring the feeling and the spirit of Ireland's pub culture to China along with great Guinness and Kilkenny, high quality food, and a environment where staff are free to be themselves and customers can escape from the day to day of Guangzhou and sample a little piece of Ireland, without flying 15 hours to experience it first hand.

We're looking forward to meeting all of our new friends and customers in Guangzhou!